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Win Back Disengaged Employees

Win Back Disengaged Employees

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Most people truly do want to do a good job. However, when external factors prevent them from achieving that goal, employee engagement can quickly turn to frustration and lead to disengagement.

Reengage your workforceWhat are the most common factors that turn engaged employees into a disengaged ones?

  • Lack of recognition, including pay raises and just plain praise.
  • Incompetent management, including lack of challenging goals, poor communication, and credit taken for subordinates’ work.
  • A stressful work environment, including disengaged co-workers, inadequate resources (like outdated technology or understaffing), and overall toxic culture.
  • No way to vent frustrations safely.

An employee who has the intrinsic motivation and desire to do a good job can easily be brought down by these external de-motivators. In order to engage this employee, you must remove these obstacles. Doing so will not be quick or easy, but it will be better for the health of your business in the long run.

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