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Why Did McDowell Incentives Get Into Fundraising?

Why Did McDowell Incentives Get Into Fundraising?

The Promotion Minute

We've always been involved in the nonprofit arena - either as a volunteer or as a marketing consultant.  Plus, we have kids.  My kids have always brought home discount cards, popcorn, sausage, car washes & bake sales for schools, scouts, band, etc., that I knew in my heart would minimally raise the needed funds for those organizations. 

And what was their answer?  More fundraisers.

So we became determined to build a better fundraiser...


We developed unique, easy fundraising programs that raised the needed funds... and fast!  Participation in our programs is simple, safe, efficient - and best of all - free!

We created a team of trained counselors that have helped organizations just like yours raise the most money in the least time.

Let us help you raise more money that ever before!

We will gladly work with your group and put your organization on the profitable track to fundraising.  Our fundraisers raise from $2000 to over $200,000 and are no risk, easy to do, and fun.

Our Community Fundraisers from McDowell Incentives