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Who Is Your Customer?

Who Is Your Customer?

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When I sit in board rooms or executive suites and ask the same question, I will usually hear descriptions of their different consumer segments or markets.

It is rare that I hear a senior executive talk about her or his customer being their people.

It is funny, however, the tremendous correlations between organizations that have world class service and those leaders who view their people as their primary customer.

More than any time in the history of the planet, a leader’s job should be to support their people by enabling them with skills and removing obstacles to providing personalized, differentiated interactions.

If you are not helping a customer, you better be supporting someone who is.

Sometimes when I have this dialogue with senior executives it doesn’t quite sink in, so I’ll ask a different question.

I typically ask, “I don’t think there is a cash register on your desk, is there?”

If you want to be a winner today and ensure that you are a winner tomorrow, you better understand who your customer is, you better understand what they value, and you better deliver an authentic, personalized, fast, friendly experience.


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