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What’s trending in HR - A Mid-year Review

What’s trending in HR - A Mid-year Review

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The year is half over (or half full depending on your mindset), so thought it would be a good time to look at several 2018 HR trends projected by SHRM back in January and what’s new with those topics now.

  1. The War for Talent – the demand for good people is getting more and more intense. According to a recent Atlantic article, the problem isn’t a lack of jobs but a lack of people with the right skills and knowledge to fill the jobs. Attracting and retaining talent continues to be the biggest challenge for HR in 2018, driving company success and growth.

    Mid-year tip: Leverage the skills of your summer students. One of our clients tasked his interns with analyzing the company’s Google Adwords and search results. The students discovered reasons why the company’s advertising and click through rates were underperforming and suggested easy ways to improve the company website and campaigns to optimize results.        MORE>>>

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