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What is the Fundraising App?

What is the Fundraising App?

The Promotion Minute

What is the Fundraising App?

In short, The Fundraising App replaces the traditional discount card sold by many schools, booster clubs, bands, and other nonprofit organizations.  Rather than offer a card, we actually create a web app (customized to your organization) that contains offers from merchants in the surrounding community.  The fundraising app sales cardAnd because we are an app rather than a card, we are not limited by ad space, hence more offers.  We ask merchants for a 12-18 month commitment and to post one flagship offer each month:

  • 2 for 1
  • 10%-50% offer
  • or $5-$100 off

How is it sold?

The Fundraising App can be sold direct or digitally.  There is no upfront cost to you!  For direct sales, we'll print up cards with unique membership codes that students or members of your organization can sell to the public.  Whatever cards are not sold may be returned to us at no cost to you. 

Additionally, The Fundraising App can be sold digitally via email or text lists, or through social media.  Consumers can purchase directly on the app and your organization will receive the proceeds (as much as 60%!).

Consumers receive:

  • 12 month access to the app
  • 120+ deals per month
  • Up to $1000 in savings

But the beauty of The Fundraising App is no inventory, no low commissions, no collating of orders, no lost cards, and true value to the buyer!

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And the following year, we'll send out a message for you for customers to buy again!

You should expect at least a 35%-50%
renewal rate without lifting a finger!

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