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What is Management's #1 Blind Spot?

What is Management's #1 Blind Spot?

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I love reading Harvey Schachter’s Careers column in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. Last week, Harvey wrote about nine common complaints by employees about their leaders – the Nine Fatal Flaws as he calls them – extreme behaviors that limit a manager’s effectiveness and in some organizations impedes their road to the top job.

Two points struck me about this study of over one thousand leaders, summarized in the Harvard Business Review:

  1. One-in-three of us exhibit a fatal flaw but are completely unaware of it, despite the fact those around us are very aware of our blind spot. Hmmm… wondering what mine might be.
  2. These flaws are not fixed or innate. They demonstrate a lack empathy aka emotional intelligence, time or basic social skills.

The #1 Fatal Flaw

What do you think the #1 fatal flaw cited in a recent Harris Online 360 degree study was?

  1. Unrealistic workload and timelines
  2. Berating behaviors/bullying
  3. Not recognizing employee achievements  

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