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Wellness Incentives and Measuring Workplace Productivity

Wellness Incentives and Measuring Workplace Productivity

Employers spend an estimated $13,000 per employee per year in total direct and indirect (productivity-related) healthcare costs, motivating many organizations to address health and productivity management as an integral part of business strategy.

The growing focus on reducing healthcare expenditures, retaining valuable employees and optimizing employee productivity is compelling employers to quantify the effects of productivity impairment on the bottom line and the return on investment of population health-management initiatives.

How to Effectively Measure Workplace Productivity:

  1. Determine how workplace productivity data will be used. 
  2. Get to know the various measurement tools available. 
  3. Determine the most relevant measurement approach. 
  4. Don't be data rich and interpretation poor.

Link to the full article by Steven M. Schwartz at HR Executive Online

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