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Using Predictive Marketing to Drive Customer Traffic In Store and Online

Using Predictive Marketing to Drive Customer Traffic In Store and Online

We want to familiarize you with the next Great Idea in digital and mobile display advertising called Programmatic Marketing and Media Buying from Rocket Fuel for increasing store traffic, in store sales and online sales.

Rocket Fuel sees everything on the web search, competitor’s websites, social, blogs, industry websites and 99% of  on line activity etc.

Then Rocket Fuel uses it AI (Artificial Intelligence) to see who is in the market place to buy, scores them on the probability of buying. If scored positive it begins marketing to them using display ads.

Rocket Fuel algorithm uses Moment Programmatic Media Buying which means instead of serving ads every time to every person with similar behaviors it serves the ads in REAL TIME to a single person who is most likely to buy. Also Rocket Fuel as the most advanced LOOK ALIKE modeling that exists in the market.  

By serving the right ad, at the right time, to the right person based on their PURCHASING habits and immediate desires (not general online behavior) advertisers using Rocket Fuel will waste less ad budget on irrelevant impressions and their CONVERSION rate will be higher since the algorithm does look alike modeling using over 14 million data points (no other technology goes that deep).  

Watch the following video to see the power of Predictive Marketing.

Computers are smarter than humans, and that is why it is best to leave parameters and all of these outdated targeting "methods" out of the equation and simply focus on those people ready to buy.

A recent 30 location pizza franchise invested $2,500 that returned 5,000 websites visitors. Of which 2,000 ordered with an average spend of $26. These results were ten times greater than any other program they have used. They are now using this technology in several other markets and reducing the spending on coupon mailer type programs.

Rocket Fuel's technology beat out Google's display network by over 300% when it came down the cost per acquisition from identical campaigns asking people to apply for a credit card. No advertiser can argue with results like that.