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Use Mobile Technology to Drive Traffic and Generate More Sales!

Use Mobile Technology to Drive Traffic and Generate More Sales!

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While email marketing is waning, mobile or text-based marketing is starting to skyrocket.  Why?  Because only 9% of marketing emails get read while 97% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of delivery!

SMS MMS Marketing with our Tablet DisplayOther services leave it up to you to gain customer engagement and collect mobile numbers.  Our Business Mobile Marketing Program gives you an engagement tool right up front. 

With our Tablet Display, collect your customers cell phone numbers by offering an incentive!

Plus, all of our programs allow you to reward customers based on frequency of visit (i.e. for every 5 visits, receive a 2 for 1 coupon).

  • Schedule broadcasts to your customers at any time
  • Broadcast text, images, or video to maximize your broadcast impact
  • Use one-time or multi-use redemption coupons.  It's your choice
  • Get new customers using our 'share with a friend' feature in our mobile ads
  • Redemption rate for broadcasts is 10-40% and opt-in is as high as 58%

Use our campaing manageer to create coupons 

Use our Campaign Manager to quickly and effectively create coupons, pictures and text messages, email messages (or let us do it for you) and even share to your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. With our proprietary “PowerShare — Share to All”, you can create just one campaign that posts to one or multiple locations! Easily view / edit / delete any campaign and see the campaign status in real time.

Reporting is an integral part of mobile marketing. We can provide real time open, view, click and redemption details.

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