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Unfortunately, You Can't Fire Your Boss

Unfortunately, You Can't Fire Your Boss

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 What is causing 7 out of 10 workers to be apathetic toward or totally disengaged by the workplace? According to Gallup, the main culprits are – SURPRISE - bad managers. Their data suggests that those in the actively engaged category are extremely satisfied with their managers while the disengaged and actively disengaged workers are very unhappy with their leadership. They conclude from this that a lack of good management is turning off workers in droves.

The Gallup Management Journal's semi-annual Employee Engagement Index puts the current percentage of employees who are actively disengaged at 17%. That’s about 22.5 million US workers. Gallup defines actively disengaged as employees who are not just unhappy in their work, but who are busy acting out their unhappiness by undermining what their engaged co-workers accomplish. Each one of these angry and alienated workers is causing their employers roughly $13k in yearly productivity losses on average.  A majority of workers (54%) falls into the "not engaged" category. Not engaged workers are defined as “checked out,” putting in time but not energy or passion into their work.

One root cause that creates and sustains bad managers is dysfunctional organizational cultures that often reflect the failings and foibles of the executives at the top. Many HR professionals and senior executives seem to want to ignore this reality. They would like to believe that solving the problem is simply a matter of weeding out a few atrocious first-line managers and providing training and support to the others. But without changing the behaviors of the leaders of the organization that drives the rest of the culture, bad management practices will inevitably creep back.  But HR executives must be prepared to speak truth to power. They should take every opportunity to make their leaders aware of the costs and causes of poor management. (Tony DiRomualdo)

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