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Top 5 Service Anniversary Program Mistakes

Top 5 Service Anniversary Program Mistakes

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Is your Service Anniversary program cutting it?

Here are the top 5 Service Anniversary program mistakes

Did you know that 93% of employees can instantly recall their anniversary date? It’s important to recognize length of service in a meaningful way and you want to get it right. But, recognizing years of service is only one part of a comprehensive employee recognition strategy.

Here are 5 common mistakes companies are making with their service anniversary program, along with some tips on how we solve them!

Mistake 1: Generic branding and messaging

A generic cookie cutter recognition program that isn’t personalized to your
employee or your company sends the message that you’re going through the motions and don’t really care about the program or their milestone achievement. A great service anniversary program should be highly personalized with design and communication around the company brand, goals and values.

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