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The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

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With texting, tweets and emails, now more than ever, it is important as a leader to do a better job of balancing high tech communication with high touch communication.

An interesting fact is the average human being has to hear critical messages at least seven times for retention. Now it’s not because they are unintelligent or they have lost their hearing. It’s because we are all being constantly bombarded with information and often times competing messages.

Someone might challenge that and say, “I bet if you hollered FIRE! and there was a fire you wouldn’t have to tell someone seven times.” They would be absolutely correct because instructions like stop, go and fire don’t require repetition and reinforcement. However, complex issues we are trying to communicate such as business strategy, procedures, and making changes, need to be communicated at least seven times.

The bottom line is that too often we use high tech communication to help drive the speed of sharing information and we don’t follow it up with high touch.

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