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Team Building is First and Foremost Employee Education

Team Building is First and Foremost Employee Education

From Engagement Strategies Magazine

Borut Nikolaš, General Manager of Slovenian DMC, Maya Travel Agency, recently wrote an article on team-building incentives in Kongres magazine.

Have you ever noticed how many companies advertise team building programs on their websites? Last year I called one of them out of curiosity and inquired what they recommended for a one-day team building program. Their answer: "a whole day tournament in darts, which can bTeam Building Exercisese carried out anywhere they have dartboards. This will certainly strengthen friendly relations among employees." I got chills when I heard firsthand what some people offer as team building. It was fairly obvious that the gentleman who gave me this information had no idea (and here he is not alone) that team building is first and foremost employee education where trust, communication, organization and motivation within a team are strengthened through different techniques of teamwork and workshops. This leads to an analysis of team dynamics and individuals. Programs are devised into one day or longer and are periodically repeated to achieve desired goals and to also measure the progress. With the right team building programs you will find it much easier to utilize the skills and potential of your employees.

Want to build the best team you possibly can? 

Make sure your line managers have the proper tools and skills to encourage and lead others.  Many times, an employee is promoted due to expertise in the "technical work" but doesn't yet know how to duplicate themselves through others.  Our spaced-repetition e-learning course for managers has 8 modules that teach skills for managers to practice-drill-rehearse weekly.  Check it out HERE

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