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Take a Strategic Approach to Spot Awards

Take a Strategic Approach to Spot Awards

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With departmental budgets being cut left and right, many companies are looking for ways to get the best ROI in employee recognition.  Starting with spot rewards, here are some guidelines that should be followed: 

  • Make the awards low in denomination.  Spot awards need not break the bank.  Spot awards should also be more frequent, because we need to acknowledge desired behaviors and drive the repetition of those behaviors.
  • Recognize behavior as close to the event as possible.  Statistically, the further from the event an employee is recognized, the least likely it is that the remember what behavior earned the reward.
  • Recognition should be public from the most senior manager available.  Peers need to know where management is setting the bar. 
  • Avoid recognizing random events without a clearly defined process.  It's too easy to miss Instead, recognize employee contributions consistently, and track success
  • Always link the specific behavior to core values.  Go beyond linking the behavior to departmental goals.  Have the senior manager describe in the presentation the direct linkage to the core business purpose and principles.

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