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STARS - Employee Longevity Recognition, Service Awards

STARS Service Awards - Strategic Total Award Recognition System

The employee anniversary is one of the unique times that top management can communicate directly to its employees. McDowell Incentives, Inc. has teamed with CSI International to develop the ideal turnkey solution to awarding these employees' anniversaries.  It's called STARS - Strategic Total Award Recognition SystemSTARS is a unique approach to award programs, which combines the advantages of a symbolic recognition program with a contemporary flair, and is supported by the industry's most advanced web-based administration system.  

The fundamental principle behind STARS is the "recipient's choice."  Each employee is empowered to choose their award from a pre-selected ensemble of merchandise that includes gifts for the home and office, fashion jewelry, watches, tools, and outdoor lifestyles.   Here are some of STARS capabilities:

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STARS Award Packaging


Commemorative Award SelectionsContemporary Award Selections

Unlike other reward options, STARS provides a balanced recognition solution by providing both corporately identified (Commemorative) and non-decorated (Contemporary) selections in 19 budget levels.  Commemorative awards contain a 24k gold or silver symbolic medallion that will display your corporate identity.  Most levels contain 35 Commemorative items and include a lifetime warranty.  Contemporary awards include the most popular items in electronics, outdoor, home, office, designer jewelry, and other lifestyle items.   Most levels contain Contemporary 50 items, and for 2010/11 we've added an additional 150-200 lifestyle selections in the web catalog.

That's over 200 award selections per budget level!


Phone, Fax, Mail, or Personalized Internet Order Page.


24/7 Internet-based ordering and reporting system with online gift tracking from our fufillment centers in Niagara Falls (US), Chicago (U.S.) or Toronto (Canada).



E-Cards and E-Certificates available with manager notification



We provide automated notifications to both Managers and Recipients for all upcoming anniversaries.  Provided within the notification message is a link to our E-card and E-Certificate module.  With a few clicks, a congratulatory E-communication can be sent to the recipient for an added personal touch.




Celebration Lite box with letter and coaster


In order to satisfy the need of recognizing early anniversaries and to engage those new hires, we've introduced CelebrationLite.  These stand alone gifts offer a similar impact as STARS but at two lower budget levels.




STARS Performance Rewards CSI International