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Employee Safety and Injury Prevention

U.S Safety Awards from McDowell Incentives, Inc.

93% of all workplace accidents happen

Workplace accidents cause pain and misery - physically, mentally, and monetarily for everyone concerned, whether they are employees and their families or employers. Preventing accidents must become an objective for both parties; however, it is the employer who is ultimately held responsible either to initiate preventive measures or to compensate for injuries.

Most traditional safety programs treat only the symptoms of the problem and not the cause.

What is the answer?

U.S. Safety AwardsU.S. Safety Awards Injury Prevention

To truly eliminate “lost time” accidents and injuries, a state of mind concerning accident prevention must be established with a behavior-based safety campaign. At McDowell Incentives, Inc., we’ve been preventing accidents and injuries for 30 years, and offer a complete turnkey solution from A to Z.

  • A rigorous assessment of your safety culture
  • Identification of at-risk behaviors
  • Web-based or “toolbox” training aids
  • Campaign promotion materials
  • Automated “near miss” reporting
  • On-the-spot rewards
  • Symbolic safety longevity awards

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