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Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing

Serving the Right Ad, at the Right Time, to the Right Person, on the Right Device

rocket fuel  programmatic marketingHow can you identify if a customer is in the market ready to buy?

  • TV, Radio, and Print?  Can't identify if ready to buy
  • Direct Mail or Valpack? Can't identify if ready to buy
  • Email Marketing? Can't identify if ready to buy

We'd like to familiarize you with the Next Great Idea in digital marketing called Programmatic Marketing and Media Buying from Rocket Fuel.

Rocket Fuel sees everything on the web - search, competitor’s websites, social media, blogs, industry websites etc.

Then Rocket Fuel uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to see who is in the market place to buy, scores them on the probability of buying from millions of attributes. If scored positive it begins marketing to them using display ads on whatever device they may be using.

Rocket Fuel algorithm uses Moment Scoring™ which means instead of serving ads every time to every person in a certain demographic, it serves the ads in REAL TIME to a single person who is most likely to buy by learning what attributes make a good customer for your company.. Also Rocket Fuel has the most advanced LOOK ALIKE modeling that exists in the market to actively find other possible customers.

You may be familiar with the Google Ad Network.  In a side-by-side comparison, Rocket Fuel outperformed Google by over 300%. Just think - no more wasted ad spend!only the right consumers in the right contexts

Why haven't you heard of Rocket Fuel before?  Simply because the technology was only available to the largest of advertisers.  As matter of fact 96 of 100 Ad Age 100 advertisers do utilize this platform and swear by it.  But as of 2016, Rocket fuel has engaged value added resellers to bring this technology to small and medium businesses like yourselves.

Welcome to the future of 1:1 marketing!