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Recognition Must Have Personal Value (to the recipient)

Recognition Must Have Personal Value (to the recipient)

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Studies have concluded that actual dollar value of a reward is insignificant (or should I say less important) to the reward recipient than most managers believe.  The item just needs to meaningful to the recipient, and create a positive memory of the accomplishment. 

Also, don't be afraid to survey a sampling of employees to ask what moves them, whether or not they like to be recognized in public or in private, etc.  But most of all communicate to your people of your desire to celebrate their accomplishments, and would love their input (their investment) in coming up with the best strategy. 

Don't just throw money at them.  Celebrate the moment.  For some great advice on how to train your managers to reward correctly, contact us for your FREE copy of our "Celebrate the Moment" brochure, or inquire about our training services.

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