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Peer to Peer Recognition Connects Your Employees

Peer to Peer Recognition Connects Your Employees

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Ask employees about the most memorable recognition they’ve received and many times you hear that it did not come from managers but from fellow team members. Lately, it seems that more and more peer-to-peer recognition programs are popping up in the incentive industry. Why? These programs tend to be easily developed, inexpensive, and impact a multitude of team members. They also allow coworkers to acknowledge each others’ good work. But the greatest benefit is the “doubling of impact” of recognition: The recipient feels appreciated and the team member initiating recognition feels great as a result!

E-cards and verbal acknowledgments are the simplest, and often, most effective.  E-cards and messaging come standard with our InnergE and new STARS Performance platforms.  Also, if you sign up for a FREE Spot Recognition account, you can send unlimited E-cards and printable certificates.

Peer recognition should be an integral part of your overall recognition strategy.  Link to the original article from Incentive Magazine by  Lisa Massiello and Tommy Lee Hayes-Brown