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Organizations That Openly Encourage Employees To Think Stand Out

Organizations That Openly Encourage Employees To Think Stand Out

Organizations that openly encourage employees to think, dream and invent, create the possibility of standing out. And standing out is the only way to compete in this information blurred and "over-commoditized" economy.

Service that stands out encourages customer loyalty. Workplaces that stand out encourage employee loyalty. At a time where there seems to be so little loyalty by either party, a bold commitment to being remembered is a critical advantage.

If the point of being in business is to develop a loyal customer base -- those customers who return and bring their friends, it is not going to happen by doing what others do. Standing out is about creating something original, exciting and dynamic.

A Diverse Workplace

Stand Out thinking starts with the permission to let yourself invent. This happens in an open and accepting environment. It happens when your workplace is diverse in both background and experience and when all employees are required to openly invent, think and participate in decision-making, as well as say what is on their minds. This is way to invite the new, the different and the great.

Creative Thinking

Build a culture of creative thinkers in your organization by the following:

  • Allow employees to invent and take calculated risks. Reward excellent failures; punish mediocre successes. Encourage greater thinking. If you are not failing every now and then, chances are you are not doing anything innovative. Visibly applaud creative efforts that focus on value, profits and customer service. Applaud employee reach and innovation.
  • Break a few rules. Identify the rules that do not add value for a customer, business or process. Challenge pattern thinking by constantly questioning everything. Be sure it is the best way to do something, respond or make a difference. If not, suggest a change. Stand out as an employee who focuses more on value than rules
  • Invent a Creativity Zone -- an area of the workplace that is committed to extraordinary thinking.
  • Invent the "Creativity Team" -- a team assembled to generate ideas to solve an issue, invent something new, create an event, etc.
  • Require an idea a day from each employee. Create a new theme each week to direct employee thinking. Insure that the only requirement is that the idea must not look like what is already done.
  • Create an idea journal and add to it each day.
Think unique, valuable, exceptional and exclusive. Think success by focusing on what makes you different and distinct. Then help your employees show up to get it done, step up to do it right and Stand Out to be remembered.

Source: Jay Forte is a performance speaker, consultant and founder of Humanetrics, LLC. He applies years of research, along with his training as a CPA, to help organizations maximize performance and profits through improved employee productivity, creative thinking and customer service. He is the author of Own It! Getting Your Employees to Think Like Owners.

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