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Opoly Game Fundraiser

Opoly Game Fundraiser

The Promotion Minute

We will be highlighting many of our community fundraisers over the next couple weeks. Our first highlight is our 'Opoly Game Fundraiser'.

Opoly Game FundraiserEveryone is familiar with the game Monopoly.  We create custom game utilizing your organization.  Volunters sell the custom game to family members, relatives, neighbors for $35. The game makes a great birthday gift or graduation gift. The 'opoly' properties on the board are sponsors, local businesses and/or individuals that pay to be on the board or you just determine the properties without sponsors. Whomever gets the sponsors earns the proceeds (or credit). The volunteers sell the game and once the breakeven is met then we go into production. Over the last three years 100% of games produced were sold prior to delivery.

Potential Raised = $10,000 to $100,000

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