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Nelson's Ten Commandments of Recognition

Nelson's Ten Commandments of Recognition

Take time to meet with and listen to employees--as much as they need or want.
ob Nelson believes that today’s workforce may be more motivated by a personal thank-you than a pay raise. He shares his top 10 ways (in order of priority) to motivate employees:

1. Personally thank employees for doing a good job. Thank them face-to-face, in writing, or both. Do it early, often, and sincerely.
2. Take the time to meet with and listen to employees--as much as they need or want.
3. Provide specific feedback about performance of the person, the department, and the organization.
4. Strive to create a work environment that is open, trusting, and fun. Encourage new ideas and initiative.
5. Provide information on how the company makes and loses money, upcoming products and strategies for competing in the marketplace, and how the person fits into the overall plan.
6. Involve employees in decisions, especially as those decisions affect them.
7. Provide employees with a sense of ownership in their work and work environment.
8. Recognize, reward, and promote people according to their performance; deal with low and marginal performers so that they either improve or leave.
9. Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills; show them how you can help them meet their goals within the context of the organization’s goals. Create partnerships with employees.
10. Celebrate successes of the company, of the department, and of individuals. Take time for team- and morale-building meetings and activities.

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