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  • Working Well - What one thing would make your workplace healthier?

    [Wellness Poll] What one thing would make your workplace healthier?I recently came across a fascinating article published by Big Think for Business. The article featured research by Reebok in partnership with Censuswide looking at the life of an average person in pure numbers. What really hit home was the number of hours we spend “sitting at work”.Assuming one lives to age 71, the average person spends:33% of life at work and 7,709 days sitting41% on a technological device = 10,625 d...

  • 5 Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

    We’ve all had those days where we come to work in less than top form—maybe we’ve had too much to drink the night before, eaten badly and feel sluggish, not gotten enough sleep, or we’re just not feeling well. If you think back to one of those days it probably took all your energy just to get by, much less work at your creative and productive peak. Perhaps you even called out sick.

  • Integrate wellness, safety programs to reduce injuries, illnesses

      Safety and wellness programs are generally separate within an organization. Combining them could improve the overall health of employees and help reduce workers' comp costs, suggests recent research. By housing health protection and health promotion activities in different silos, the effectiveness of each is limited, according to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.