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  • 10 ways to keep employees engaged in 2018

    Even great managers can use a little inspiration and a few good ideas to engage, motivate and retain an all-star team.  Here are 10 proven ways of fostering engagement in your workplace. 1. Encourage and Use Employee Input  Canada Colors and Chemicals (CCC), a chemical, plastic and ingredient solutions provider asked CSISTARS to help them re-vamp their Workplace Safety program.

  • Peer-to-Peer Reinforcement is Most Effective

    Peers are the most useful reinforcers available to your organization - even more than front-line supervisors.  Peer reinforcement is also the most underutilized. Only those in the same or similar position in the workplace: are in the best place to deliver positive and immediate feedback (reinforcement) are looked on as a trusted source of feedback for behavior by their peers The only problem is that most employees have never been educated on the impact they can have in bringing desired corp...

  • Peer to Peer Recognition Connects Your Employees