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  • What is Management's #1 Blind Spot?

    I love reading Harvey Schachter’s Careers column in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. Last week, Harvey wrote about nine common complaints by employees about their leaders – the Nine Fatal Flaws as he calls them – extreme behaviors that limit a manager’s effectiveness and in some organizations impedes their road to the top job.Two points struck me about this study of over one thousand leaders, summarized in the Harvard Business Review:One-in-three of us exhibit a fatal fla...

  • Drip Irrigation Versus Fire Hose Doses - Global Learning - What's Best?

    Almost every senior global learning or organizational development executive I talk to laments about the challenges of delivering effective global learning. In fact, I would argue that for the most part, even with the billions of dollars invested over the last decade, most global e-learning is not effective, suffers from significant drop out rates and is either unengaging, too long or excuse my bluntness, just plain boring. Before I share the mistakes that cost organizations billions of dollars a...

  • Management is the Problem, Not The Solution

    Why would somebody who has been helping leaders all over the world say management is the problem and not the solution? There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but in the new personalized service economy, management often becomes more of an obstacle than an enabler. Why is management, or more specifically bureaucracy, the problem and not the solution in the personalized service economy?

  • Making the Case for Visual Management - Our Newest E-Learning Course

    Visual Management is one of the most well documented business tools in the world. Virtually every successful organization has leveraged Visual Management to help improve the business operations, increase shareholder value,and enhance the customer experience while maintaining strong financial performance. Integrating Visual Management tools and competencies into your daily work will improve your personal performance and results.

  • Peer-to-Peer Reinforcement is Most Effective

    Peers are the most useful reinforcers available to your organization - even more than front-line supervisors.  Peer reinforcement is also the most underutilized. Only those in the same or similar position in the workplace: are in the best place to deliver positive and immediate feedback (reinforcement) are looked on as a trusted source of feedback for behavior by their peers The only problem is that most employees have never been educated on the impact they can have in bringing desired corp...

  • Team Building is First and Foremost Employee Education