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  • In order to effect behavior change, repetition is required.

    One of the challenges with trying to make cultural change, behavior change or learning transfer in organizations is the fact that change means you are doing something new. If you think about it, and I do almost every day, change creates uncertainty. Doing something new is usually uncomfortable.

  • Employee Training - Keeping Learners Accountable

    Every year corporations around the world invest tens of billions of dollars in corporate learning and education. Almost every cent of these billions of dollars is wasted. Why?

  • Drip Irrigation Versus Fire Hose Doses - Global Learning - What's Best?

    Almost every senior global learning or organizational development executive I talk to laments about the challenges of delivering effective global learning. In fact, I would argue that for the most part, even with the billions of dollars invested over the last decade, most global e-learning is not effective, suffers from significant drop out rates and is either unengaging, too long or excuse my bluntness, just plain boring. Before I share the mistakes that cost organizations billions of dollars a...

  • Most Learning is not Built to Last

    The challenge with most instructor led learning is that because it is so hard to take people off the job today, we tend to give people the whole load, basically too much too fast. This is analogous to trying to drink through a fire hose. The challenge with most e-learning is that it is either horribly boring, too long, or doesn’t have a focus on action planning and coaching.

  • The Optimism Bias

        Our e-learning partner, CSI,  has developed a layered learning course with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith based on his book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, a Wall Street Journal #1 business book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year. This layered learning suite focuses on the 21 habits leaders should not do, and helps eliminate the things that often get in our way to high performance.

  • Making the Case for Visual Management - Our Newest E-Learning Course

    Visual Management is one of the most well documented business tools in the world. Virtually every successful organization has leveraged Visual Management to help improve the business operations, increase shareholder value,and enhance the customer experience while maintaining strong financial performance. Integrating Visual Management tools and competencies into your daily work will improve your personal performance and results.

  • What's Your (Prospect / Employee's) Learning Style?

  • New Recognition E-Learning Course Offered