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  • Peer-to-Peer Reinforcement is Most Effective

    Peers are the most useful reinforcers available to your organization - even more than front-line supervisors.  Peer reinforcement is also the most underutilized. Only those in the same or similar position in the workplace: are in the best place to deliver positive and immediate feedback (reinforcement) are looked on as a trusted source of feedback for behavior by their peers The only problem is that most employees have never been educated on the impact they can have in bringing desired corp...

  • Reward and Recognition Must Be Earned

    One of the great things about team reward and recognition is that everyone gets rewarded.  One of the challenges with team reward and recognition is that everyone gets rewarded. If everyone on the team contributed there is no concern, but when there is a considerable discrepancy between high performers and low performers, what is the impact?  In the thinking of the high performer, she feels that her extra effort was not rewarded correctly and resolves to ratchet back her effort in the ...