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Most Learning is not Built to Last

Most Learning is not Built to Last

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The challenge with most instructor led learning is that because it is so hard to take people off the job today, we tend to give people the whole load, basically too much too fast. This is analogous to trying to drink through a fire hose. The challenge with most e-learning is that it is either horribly boring, too long, or doesn’t have a focus on action planning and coaching. This leads to over eight out of ten people globally dropping out of the e-learning.

The learning that I have seen produce results in every industry, on every continent, is learning that is layered in over time, short and succinct, delivering only the necessary content or competencies, with a focus on action planning, reinforcement and accountability.

Layered learning is more like drip irrigation versus fire hose doses. That’s why over 94% of global participants who start a layered learning process complete it with significant measurable results.

Check out the brief infographic on why layered learning produces results that are built to last.

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