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McDowell Incentives, Inc. introduces Spot Digital Recognition

McDowell Incentives, Inc. introduces Spot Digital Recognition

McDowell Incentives, Inc. and CSI Recognition bring you Spot Digital Rewards.  These awards give organizations additional award budget levels (from $1.50 to $19) in addition to our tradition Spot Recognition symbolic awards.


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Spot Digital Awards - Presentation Transcript

1. “ New for Fall 2009”...
2. Wondering how you can motivate and engage your team, despite uncertain times and a dwindling budget?
* Showing appreciation is the #1 way to improve morale in your organization , and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg
* When you need to express appreciation, there's nothing simpler than a heartfelt “Thank You!“
* Spontaneity is a key factor in recognizing the “moment”
* We have the perfect solution!
5. Immediate – On the Spot Recognition Designed to Motivate and Engage that Special Group
6. How The Program Works:
7. SPOT is designed to recognize exceptional behavior or any designated action with an immediate On-the-SPOT Reward Card.
8. This Rewards Card provides the employee with a choice of a variety of cool digital gifts, like music downloads, mobile ringtones, digital magazines, photo prints and more!
9. Music Downloads
* Give employees the gift of music while associating your brand with today’s hottest artists.
* Prepaid Music Download Cards allow employees to choose from millions of MP3 Songs
* Music Download Cards have a high-perceived value, carry your branding and you can offer any number of songs you specify
10. Realtone Ringtones
* As consumers become more and more attached to their cell phones, offering a choice of ringtones as a SPOT reward is a powerful “play” to your employees' addiction to their mobile devices.
* Ringtones are fun and appealing, offering your employees thousands of ringtones and other mobile content to choose from, including the latest hits from the hottest artists.
11. Digital Magazine Subscriptions
* Power your SPOT recognition program with a reward that will stay with your employees all year round
* Digital magazine subscriptions are a perfect fit. They provide the perfect mix of choice, longevity, value and economics
* There's a title for everyone - from business moguls and college students to stay at home moms and their little ones
12. Movie Tickets
* From family fun night to girls night out, give customers, prospects and employees a night at the movies on you
* Redeeming movie tickets is easy, eliminating many of the hassles currently attributed to movie going. Upon redemption, the recipient can choose the film and time they would like tickets for, and print their tickets out online
* All that's left is picking the best seat at more than 15,000 participating screens!
13. Popular DVDs
* The home video industry continues to grow every year; with DVDs as the most popular form of movie entertainment in US households today
* DVD rewards allow your employees to choose from hundreds of titles spanning the history of the silver screen
* By simply logging on to your custom branded site, employees can browse our complete selection and choose a DVD, which will be shipped directly to them!
14. Photo Prints
* Digital photography is a huge part of American life, with people snapping pictures from digital cameras, camcorders, PDA's and camera phones.
* Photo Print Cards enable your employees to bring their digital photo memories to life!
* After uploading their digital photos, the 4" x 6" prints are delivered thru the mail, arriving in 5 to 7 days at their door!
15. Custom Cell Phone Skins
* A “Skin” is a fully customizable cell phone cover that simply attaches to the users phone without voiding the manufacture's warranty
* The user can either pick from a robust library of images or they can upload their own pictures to create a one-of-a-kind cell phone cover
* Compatible with more than 700 mobile devises
16. Seed-the-Future Tree Cards
* We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to conserve the environment and natural resources
* Our newest green product, Seed-the-Future Tree Cards is an exciting way to leverage your brand's identity in a eco-friendly way
* Employees simply visit an online portal which contains your branding and allows them to learn about re-forestation, and plant trees courtesy of your organization
17. Phone Time
* These days, people seem to spend more time talking on the telephone
* Prepaid phone cards offer a great way to place a call to people from almost any telephone and to / from nearly anywhere in the world
18. Pizza Promo-Cards
* Pizza Promo Cards are a fresh way to treat employees or anyone who loves great pizza!
* Slice into your success by offering your employees a FREE 1-topping Pizza and 2-liter Coke® from Domino's or a Prepaid Card from Papa John's.
* New Custom Branded Travelocity Hotel Gift Cards allow your brand to promote itself while giving your customers a break on their next vacation or business trip
* Travelocity Hotel Gift Cards, which carry your branding and logo, allow your customers to take either a $25 or $50 discount from their next hotel stay
* With more than 55,000 Hotels Worldwide, and no blackout dates, Custom Branded Travelocity Hotel Gift Cards are a great for customer loyalty, employee recognition, or client thank you gifts
Travel Rewards
20. Digital Rewards Choice!
* More Choices!
* More Fun!
* Better Experience!
* Give your recipients, employees or customers the opportunity to select any type of Reward/Gift they want!
21. SPOT Digital Provides…
o A highly flexible rewards platform that can be custom-designed and private-labeled to fit your culture today and in the future
o A “very cool” delivery system that appeals to most young adult lifestyles today
o A continually updated platform that will remain desirable both for rewards offered and for adaptability to new technology
25. Available in 8 Pre-designed Budget Levels
26. Or Fully Custom Designs…
27. Custom Spot Rewards Price Includes: Branded Gift Card, Branded Welcome Page, Custom Branded Employee Survey/Monitoring Site and Reward of Choice.
* “ You’ve Been Spotted” Digital Rewards allows managers to select the most appropriate reward for each action or behavior from eight budget all inclusive price levels:
Level 1 Blue Level 2 Orange Level 3 Purple Level 4 Lt. Green $1.50 $2.75 $4.25 $5.75 (100 Min. Stock, 500 Min Custom) (100 Min. Stock, 500 Min Custom) (50 Min. Stock, 250 Min Custom) (50 Min. Stock, 250 Min Custom) Level 5 Lt. Blue Level 6 Red Level 7 Yellow Level 8 Green $8.50 $9.75 $13.75 $18.75 (20 Min. Stock, 100 Min Custom) (20 Min. Stock, 100 Min Custom) (10 Min. Stock, 50 Min Custom) (10 Min. Stock, 50 Min Custom)
28. Blue Orange Purple Light Green 5 Photo Prints 10 Photo Prints 25 Photo Prints 30 Photo Prints 1 Music Download 2 Music Downloads 3 Music Downloads 4 Music Downloads 1 Ringtone 2 Ringtones 3 Ringtones 4 Ringtones 3 Trees 7 Trees 10 Trees 15 Trees 15 Min Phone Time 30 Min Phone Time 60 Min Phone Time 65 Min Phone Time 1 Digital Magazine Light Blue Red Yellow Green 40 Photo Prints 45 Photo Prints 60 Photo Prints 75 Photo Prints 5 Music Downloads 6 Music Downloads 10 Music Downloads 15 Music Downloads 5 Ringtones 6 Ringtones 10 Ringtones 15 Ringtones 25 Trees 30 Trees 50 Trees 75 Trees 75 Minutes 90 Minutes 150 Min Phone Time 200 Minutes 2 Digital Magazines 2 Digital Magazines 3 Digital Magazines 4 Digital Magazines $25 Gourmet Certificate 1 DVD movie 2 DVD Movies 1 Cell Skin $25 Gourmet Certificate (2) $25 Gourmet Certificate $25 Travelocity Certificate (2) $25 Travelocity Certificate 1 Cell Skin 2 Cell Skins 1 Movie Ticket 1 Lap top Skin 1 Movie Ticket 1 Dominos Pizza + 2 Liter Coke OR Select One of These Packages OR Select One of These Packages OR Select One of These Packages 3 Music Downloads 1 Ringtone 10 Photo Prints 5 Music Downloads 2 Ringtones 20 Photo Prints $25 Gourmet Reward Card 35 Photo Prints 1 Digital Magazine 30 Min Phone Time 15 Photo Prints 1 Digital Magazine 90 Min Phone Time 30 Photo Prints 7 Music Downloads 3 Ringtones 25 Photo Prints 1 Digital Magazine 3 Music Downloads 1 Digital Magazine 5 Music Downloads $25 Travelocity Certificate 120 Min Phone Time 40 Photo Prints 1 Digital Magazines 15 Trees 1 Digital Magazine 25 Trees 1 DVD Movie 100 Min Phone Time 1 Digital Magazine 7 Music Downloads 1 Cell Phone Skin 5 Ringtones 2 Digital Magazines 35 Trees
29. Digital Rewards Choice! Packaging Options Folded card carriers offer extra options for enhancing the message and design of any gift card, allowing you four panels to promote your company and your brand to consumers. Folded Card Carrier 5” X 7”
30. Monitoring and Tracking Your Name Store # & Location Describe your recent WOW experience. Does your team share the same enthusiasm for outstanding service?
* This “survey” page will be custom designed to allow you to gather data to monitor various aspects of the program:
o Which locations, departments, managers, shifts, etc. are using the program?
o Who is being recognized?
o How often are rewards given?
o Why are rewards being given?
o Are recognition budgets being used wisely?
* All of this data will be accessible via a custom, web-based monitoring site
31. Demo Site Click on the blue box above to go to a live demo site. Enter this rewards code: 7Q959PYT9ZYT to go to redemption page for a selection of rewards. All pages will be custom branded.
32. Early Recognition Milestone Anniversaries