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Little Moments Can Create Big Results

Little Moments Can Create Big Results

Motivation Minute

Remove Subtle Signs That Put People Down

Audit your work place for any subtle practices that divide people based on rank and privilege for no good reason. If such things really matter to your executives, you've got the wrong people in positions of power.

Hand Written Notes Can Be Powerful Tools

In this electronic age, hand written correspondence has gone by the boards in favor of e-mail, and voicemail. If you want to stand out from the crowd, take the time to write a short, handwritten note to express gratitude or appreciation toward your best customers, clients, prospects orA Small Thank You Will Make A Big Impact even an employee or co-worker. This small gesture leaves a strong impression.

Ask 'How Are You Doing?' And Mean It

When times are tough and people are stressed, taking the time to genuinely inquire into how someone is doing sends a powerful message of caring. Taking a minute or two to inquire after a co-worker's sick child or parent or to see how the job is progressing, let's people know you care. As a consequence, they are more likely to care about you and the business.

Nothing Is Too Small

If you have a group that likes to celebrate small things like birthdays but you could care less, find a way to support them with these seemingly small issues. If your group has been working extra hard lately, plan something small but fun as a reward. Remember the little things are the big things.

Think Short And Small

To maximize the benefit of listening to a speech or attending a seminar, think "short and small" to hit it big.When attending educational events,make it your goal to walk away with a short list of just one or two main ideas to focus on going forward.

Source: Dr. Gary Bradt is a keynote speaker, leadership consultant and the author of The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity.

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