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LinkedIn Lead Generation Program

LinkedIn Lead Generation Program

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You may have read our previous post announcing our partnership with Click SEO Social Marketing, a proprietary system that doesn't just generate posts or ads, but drives prospects to you that are ready to buy.  We've had outstanding success in the automotive sales, home improvement, and real estate sectors.

What about generating B2B leads, you say?

We'd like to introduce the Click SEO LinkedIn Lead Generation Program.  There are two price packages available:

  • 30 Leads per month
  • 60 Leads per month

You may want to ask, "What do we consider a lead?" Simply put, a lead is not a name, phone number, email address, or department contact.  It's a person who has figuratively raised their hand as showing interest in your product or service and is ready to hear from you to buy.

For more information about our our LinkedIn Lead Generation program, view the prezi below: