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Leigh Branham's Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave

Leigh Branham's Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave

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Book Report: 

Mr. Leigh Branham, a prominent career transition coach, in an effort to authoritatively document the root causes of employee disengagement and voluntary turnover, contacted the Saratoga Institute in California (considered to be the world leader in third-party exit interviewing and employee-commitment surveying). He crunched the numbers of almost 20,000 exit interviews to come up with his "7 Reasons Employees Leave."  His conclusions are as follows, and I encourage all HR C-level professionals to take heed.
  1. The job or workplace was not as expected. About 35 percent of American workers quit in the first six months.
  2. There is a mismatch between job and person.
  3. There is too little coaching and feedback.
  4. There are too few growth and advancement opportunities.
  5. Workers feel devalued and unrecognized.
  6. Workers suffer from stress due to overwork and work-life imbalance.
  7. There is a loss of trust and confidence in senior leaders.
I highly recommend reading this book, because it speaks to that growing disconnect between management and line level employees, as well as giving some examples of companies who do it right.  I'll go ahead and plug the author's website as well.  It's and there is a direct link to Amazon to buy his book,

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