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Know Your Employees

Know Your Employees

Motivation Minute Blog

I've spent the last few months performing some research for an upcoming book on engagement, and will spend the next few weeks giving some excerpts in the Minute.

Know Your People

The concept of understanding the people who work for you may seem academic, but all too often, well-established companies are blindsided by issues that weren't even a blip on the radar just months before.   Let's take a look at a typical US company. 
  • 54% are men, 46% are women.
  • 27% are actively engaged and loyal to the firm.
  • 59% are not engaged and are underperforming
  • 14% don’t care and have already mentally checked out.
  • 77% feel overworked and burned out at this very moment.
  • 33% feel they're chronically overworked and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • 67% feel overwhelmed with the daily bombardment of information.
  • In a typical day, employees are interrupted over 50 times. 80% of interruptions are trivial.
  • ½ of managers are too tired to talk their spouse after a long day at the office.
  • 7% of people are drifting toward depression.
  • 96% want more flexibility and control over their time.
  • 73% are willing to curtail their careers for more family time
  • 15% are actively pursuing a new position.
  • 50% would jump at a new opportunity if they came across one.
  • Only 40% are concerned with moving up into a more senior position.
Obviously, an engaged workforce is a competitive advantage over your competition.  Understand your employees' needs, struggles, and potential "de-motivators."  Build an environment employees will be proud to call their own.  Gain a personal and professional understanding of each employee and you create loyalty.

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