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Introducing Multi Stage Marketing

Introducing Multi Stage Marketing

The old sales processes don't work in today's economic climate.  McDowell Incentives, Inc. has a proven methodology and cutting edge technology to enable your sales force to get face to face with key decision makers... and that's the point right?  Introducing "MSM" or Multi Stage Marketing - a targeted, tested sales methodology and strategy that truly works - and it's turnkey!

Multi Stage Marketing

Multi Stage Marketing - Presentation Transcript

  2. The old sales and marketing strategies don’t work anymore.
  3. Given the recent shifts in the economy, are you looking for new ways to fill the pipeline with qualified prospects? Getting more “at bats?” Enabling your sales team to take much better “swings at the ball?”
  4. How do you separate yourself from the “NOISE” in the marketplace?
  5. By doing EXACTLY what the marketplace does?
  6. No, you’ve got to be different. But how?
  7. You have to leverage a methodology that will truly give your sales teams a repeatable formula for success… Only OUR company can guarantee that success!
  8. We’ll turn your sales reps from “annoying pests” to “WELCOMED GUESTS!”
  9. Our turnkey system offers you:
  10. Proven promotion strategies to get you face to face with key decision makers!
  11. Automated programs that run almost by themselves!
  12. Real-time online tracking that you can access 24/7 from any computer!
  13. Creative marketing communications individualized for your targets and your company!
  14. Multi-step dimensional mailings that get opened and remembered - not “trashed!”
  15. Quality prospect lists by name and title… with the lowest undeliverable rates anywhere!
  16. Your choice of canned, adaptable, and fully custom promotions!
  17. Turnkey programs that are easy to implement, manage, and adjust as… … turning a key!
  18. Nothing to inventory – we handle it all for you – including warehousing and mailing!
  19. In just 15 minutes, we can show you how to open doors and create opportunities for your sales force!
  20. Call or email me today! Kurt McDowell 405.633.1417 Direct or 800.599.4669
  21. Here’s how it works…
  22. Step 1 Let us help you determine the right campaign or campaigns for you.
  23. Step 2 Set timeline different media triggers should happen. Then use our sales template to write sales lettes, emails, and scripts. Or have our EXPERTS DO IT!
  24. Step 3 Input your email, and letter templates into our system.
  25. Step 4 Use your own database or choose a database you want - by Title, Industry, Total Sales Revenue, Number of Employees, etc. We’ll get it for you!
  26. Step 5 Carefully select the people you want to target. From 1 person to 1000’s.
  27. Step 6 Launch your campaign – by individual or by group!
  28. It’s that easy!
  29. Call or email me today! Kurt McDowell 405.633.1417 Direct or 800.599.4669