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Inside Safety Incentive Programs - Safety Programs Must be Multifaceted

Inside Safety Incentive Programs - Safety Programs Must be Multifaceted

Motiation Minute by McDowell Incentives

Last October, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on more than a dozen states and is said to have caused $40 to $50 billion in damage. People lost their homes and businesses, and more than 8 million people were left without power for days - some for weeks. Though not on the radar of the general public, safety programs have made a significant contribution to the recovery process.

According to most experts, safety programs have a huge impact on a company's bottom line. In many cases, when a company's accident rate goes down, so do its insurance rates. In turn, productivity increases, which is critical in times of crisis. "Without the implementation of a safety program before a catastrophe, employees would be unsure what actions they should take immediately, as well as down the line," explains Flynn Zaiger of Houma, LA-based Falck Productions, a division of Falck Alford, one of the leading providers of safety training to the Gulf South and surrounding areas.

Here's a look at how some safety programs are making the recovery from Hurricane Sandy a little bit smoother.

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