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Increasing Employee Retention

Increasing Employee Retention

Considering that it costs thousands of dollars to recruit and hire new employees, organizations are eager to retain the ones they have in addition to attracting the emerging workforce. Many have learned that to recruit and retain, they cannot simply offer more money or bigger benefits.

Implementing these tips creates a care plan that does not coddle employees, but strengthens and empowers them. This transcends to their work, which promotes a positive company culture, increased productivity, creativity, loyalty and a healthy bottom line.

Ease Their "Pain

Sometimes it is impossible to take away all discomfort, but honest efforts to do so go along way toward relieving it. If the pain is work related, ask for their suggestions to ease it. If the pain is personal, such as a relative passing away, be considerate.

Promote Independence And Self-Sufficiency

Help your employees get stronger. Encourage continuing education. Work with staff's schedules so they can gain additional skills that will make them better employees. Give them as much control as possible and they are more likely to cooperate with changes that come along.

Change Positions

Being in the same position too long can sometimes be uncomfortable or stifling. Suggest a transfer within a department or the organization. Offer flexible shifts, telecommuting or job sharing. Encourage employees to grow in their skill sets and job responsibilities.

Provide Nourishment

Help employees nurture their minds, bodies and spirits. Remind them to take breaks, eat meals, and ask for help. Provide inspirational, encouraging books, periodicals, and speakers. Bring in a massage therapist after a particularly stressful quarter or show your appreciation with a free company lunch during a successful period.

Giving employees a dose of the same medicine nurses give their patients, results in greater retention. With a little TLC on their part and yours...everybody wins.

Source: LeAnn Thieman, LPN, CSP, is a national speaker and co-author of the new book, Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, Second Dose. As an expert in healthcare recruitment and retention, she provides insights on improving productivity and profits.