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How Do You Personalize Your Service Interactions?

How Do You Personalize Your Service Interactions?

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The question of “How do you personalize” is equally important regardless of what industry or function you are in.

Yes, I believe it is critical that every person, every department and every organization learns how to create personalized, authentic, and friendly interactions.

We need to think about how these interactions are going to play out at different touch points and different channels in the customer experience journey.

As I have stressed repetitively, I believe that the winners of the future will be:

  1. those organizations that enable their front line with skills that will help them excel and
  2. where leaders spend their time removing obstacles to personalize sales and service interactions.

 I’m sure all of you have had experiences as a customer where the person, department or organization was the furthest thing from a personalized, authentic and friendly experience.

Here are a couple of funny anecdotes of how you can respond to these interactions: READ MORE>>>

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