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Grocery and Convenience Store Digital Checkout Counter

With Mobile Phone Scanner, We Pay You!

Grocery store, Convenience Store Digital Checkout Counter

Allow surrounding businesses to utilize a dynamic medium to leverage your customer base for a fee.  We will provide each local business a 7" tablet display to collect their customers' cell phone numbers.  They can then communicate to hundreds if not thousands of customers 52 times every year.

Their customers become your customers!

What's in it for me?

  • Get $100-$200 per month per store
  • Build your mobile database from the coalition of businesses' customers
  • Broadcast FREE 52 times a year
  • Reward customers to share offers to triple your database
  • Give your customers $100-$200 in coupons and offers from local businesses

What's my ROI?

  • More New Customers for Coalition of Businesses
  • Revenue Generator up to $1800/yr/store
  • FREE 2D Scanner
  • More sales from mobile offers
  • FREE one time redemption coupon feature
  • Enter Loyalty Number on keypad
  • Scan Store App Coupons
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