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Four Employee Engagement Essentials

Four Employee Engagement Essentials

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Building an engaged workforce takes time and consistent effort. There is no magic bullet, but there is a general recipe for success, and it starts with the actions below:

1. Translate corporate goals to individual goals.

Top management may have the company’s mission, vision, and key performance indicators all figured out, and they may have even communicated specific marching orders to their top managers. But these goals need to trickle down to line managers and supervisors so they know what their departments need to contribute in order to achieve the larger goals. Great managers translate these high level goals to their employees, resulting in higher employee engagement.

2. Train your line managers to be goal-oriented with their direct reports.

Now the marching orders for the managers above need to become concrete action items for front-line employees. If they remain as lofty directives, such as “provide excellent customer service,” or “improve quality,” the average employee will have little idea of how to improve, or even how his or her performance stacks up. Feeling like you don’t make an impact (or you’re not sure if you do) is a sure path to disengagement.


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