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Exceptional Patient Care Starts with Exceptional Caregiver Experiences

Exceptional Patient Care Starts with Exceptional Caregiver Experiences


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When healthcare organizations say their goal is to put “patients first” they sound like a restaurant saying their goal is to serve “great food”. It feels so obvious that we’re not sure why it needs to be said. But the reason is simple and here’s why — putting patients first requires creating a cultural environment that embraces three key factors: internal service cooperation, employee recognition and employee enablement.

  • Unleash internal service cooperation.

In order to improve patient service it’s critically important that all caregivers in all disciplines create great internal service. Clear communication, fast and responsive service to each other will enable the caregivers to provide the best patient experience possible. Rewarding and recognizing great internal service cooperation will sustain and support a patient’s first philosophy.

  • Effectively recognize and reward caregivers for exceptional performance.


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