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Engaging Employees for Economic Recovery

Engaging Employees for Economic Recovery

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In August of 2009, the U.S. jobless rate climbed to the highest rate since 1983 signaling that, for the first time since the Great Depression, there was almost no increase in private-sector jobs. Firms have cut wages, benefits and work hours.The words “employee performance review,” are more ominous than ever as skeptical employees view sessions as gateways to more work, less pay and an even greater chance for losing their jobs (Kenneth Randall, Regional Vice President, Administaff, Corp! Sept. 17, 2009.) Against this unsettling backdrop, the importance of employee engagement has become critical. Smart business leaders know that the skills and attitudes of their employees can be the very thing that sets them apart from the competition. So, is it any wonder that today’s executives and HR professionals are seriously examining what they can do to better motivate employees through the recovery?

"By emphasizing employee engagement factors, these companies have been able to increase organizational commitment levels and employees’ satisfaction with their job roles. Notably, employees in these companies also show an increased willingness to contribute discretionary effort." (, Sept. 2009).

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