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Encouraging Attendance and Involvement - Insurance Company

Encouraging Attendance and Involvement - Insurance Company

Company Name: Grange Agents
Industry Category: Financial Institutions
Industry: Insurance Companies
Promotion Amount: $10 or More

Promotional Objective(s)

Encouraging Attendance/Involvement


To recruit independent insurance agents throughout the state of Pennsylvania by generation attendance at a recruiting session where they had the opportunity to become a Grange representative.

Strategy Execution

The most outstanding features of the program were the customization, size and turnaround for the program. The first mailing drew people in and got them thinking about Grange. With the catch phrase “the puck starts here” the recipients were eager to see what was coming next. Conducting a direct mailing of regulation sized hockey pucks and sticks proved to be an innovative and valuable strategy. Another noteworthy aspect of this project was the turnaround time. In just 12 working days, the items were priced out and the first mailing was sent.


The promotional products program was the entire campaign. Therefore the positive results are directly attributed to the mailings. After the first mailing went out, Grange began receiving calls about the program. In fact, the items were so popular that the client chose to order 100 additional hockey sticks with personalized name plates and pucks for the management team. The number of attendees at the reception exceeded the goal by 36%

The number of conversions to Grange Agents exceeded the goal by 17%!