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Employee Recognition – What, Why, When, Where, How

Employee Recognition – What, Why, When, Where, How

Employee recognition is an excellentEmployee Recognition - What, Where, How, Whent communication tool that can help to reward and motivate employees. This builds a better relationship between employees, upper management and the company that can help the business grow and thrive. It also helps to boost employee morale and increase productivity within the company. In order to create the best employee recognition program for your company, you need to understand what it consist of and this includes the what, why, when, where and how of recognition programs.


What is employee recognition? True employee recognition is getting involved with the employees and asking them their opinions about solving real problems and discussing important job issues. This is important to employees because they want to be recognized for their unique qualities and individual contributions. It’s also respecting the employees by physically rewarding them for a job well-done and by pointing out the specific reason for the recognition.


By recognizing and rewarding employees for doing a good job and putting forth an effort, you’re encouraging them to continue to work in the same effective manner. It’s a critical part of creating a great work environment, increase motivation, raise morale and keep employees satisfied with their position.


Employee recognition should be done immediately or as soon as possible after an employee has met a specific criteria that qualifies them for recognition. This will help to reinforce positive behavior. The employee will appreciate being rewarded for a job well-done and they will want to continue to put forth this kind of effort because they know it’s truly appreciated.


Deciding where to show recognition will partly depend on how the employee is being recognized and for what services. For example, there may be times when upper management approaches the employee in the workplace, calls them by name and personally thanks them for a specific job done well. There will be other times when employees will be recognized at award ceremonies.


A successful employee recognition program will address several important issues that will benefit both the company and the employees. Begin by making it possible for all employees to receive the recognition they deserve, not just a few. Put a criterion in place that explains what actions will receive recognition and make sure that everyone knows they will receive a specific type of recognition if they meet specific criterion. Everyone needs to know in advance what is expected of them and what actions will be considered for special recognition.

Employee recognition needs to be consistent but it shouldn’t become a habit. In other words, it’s a good idea to use an element of surprise once in a while by switching things up a bit and not making any one method of recognition repetitive.

Today’s employee wants recognition that directs their career path while providing them advanced job opportunities and that is the type of employee recognition you can expect from McDowell Incentives, Inc. and CSI International. Our STARS Service recognition solutions are designed to recognize the individual for who they are and for their unique contributions to the company.

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