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Employee Recognition Survey

Employee Recognition Survey

Motivation Minute Blog - Employee Recognition Survey

We have assembled a list of survey questions to assist our clients in assessing their recognition needs.   These questions are designed to:

  • Give you an adequate picture of how well supervisors deliver recognition (and whether training is warranted)
  • Show how employees like to receive recognition (formally, publicly, privately, etc.)
  • Answer what types of recognition your employees like best
  • Gain employee input in program development and design

Whether starting a new program or reviewing an old one, these questions should help guide you in the right direction.  We usually recommend total anonymity for your respondents, but that's your call.  Depending on your culture, it's also important to consider alternate methods of delivery - both hard copy and digital delivery.  The key is a credible representative sample.

We would love your feedback.  To download the survey, click below:

Employee Recognition Survey 

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