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Employee Engagement Starts with Onboarding

Employee Engagement Starts with Onboarding

As I see it, Onboarding is one the most important roles an HR professional has. How new employees fit in and are supported says a lot about your company’s values, culture and business objectives.

Setting new hires up for success is also the single most impactful financial contribution an HR professional and business leader can do for their organization.

Engagement starts with onboardingConsider this: Employee turnover costs companies a staggering $245 billion/year in new talent acquisition fees. This is a huge number largely due to employees leaving within the first 12 months.

It’s no longer enough to simply hire the right person. Strategic leaders know that successfully onboarding a new hire is just as important as acquiring the right talent (especially true with recent spike in quit rates).

So why is Onboarding underfunded at most companies? MORE>>

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