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Drip Irrigation Versus Fire Hose Doses - Global Learning - What's Best?

Drip Irrigation Versus Fire Hose Doses - Global Learning - What's Best?

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Almost every senior global learning or organizational development executive I talk to laments about the challenges of delivering effective global learning.

In fact, I would argue that for the most part, even with the billions of dollars invested over the last decade, most global e-learning is not effective, suffers from significant drop out rates and is either unengaging, too long or excuse my bluntness, just plain boring.

Before I share the mistakes that cost organizations billions of dollars a year, let me share a quick story.

When I am around the table or in a boardroom having strategic discussions regarding global learning implementations, I will often ask the executives the following questions:

  • Can you tell me when the last training event or training course was that you attended? Typically I will get answers such as one month ago, three months ago or six months ago.
  • Then I’ll ask if they can tell me the key learning points from that event. If it was a live training event typically people can remember where it was and what they ate. If it was an e-learning course, they mostly mumble.
  • Then I ask them what their favorite movie is and how long ago it was they saw it. When I ask how long ago it was I frequently get answers as long as two, three or even five years.
  • Now, here’s the interesting part. I will then ask if they can name characters. 100% of the time they can.
  • Then I ask if they can recite lines from the movie. I have actually had people act out complete scenes in front of me!

Why do you think these two events have such different retrieval rates?  MORE>>>

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