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Customer Acquisition & Loyalty Programs


Everybody is in business to create and sustain customers, so a comprehensive customer retention strategy is always a good idea. Our loyalty initiatives help you identify ideal customers, track spending, motivate behavior, reward behavior, and measure the results, by utilizing next generation marketing solutions

Solutions for your Business

While your loyalty solution should be unique to your situation, here are some other useful vehicles that our company can provide:

  • Points Reward Programs: Reward customers for buying frequency and volume by issuing points per dollar purchased. Increase sales in slow seasons by offering double points bonuses.
  • Digital Download Cards: These branded cards are perfect "thank-you" gifts. The recipient goes online to download the designated reward - from music and movie tickets to fine dining and DVD's.
  • Direct Response Incentives (Gift with Purchase) 
    • Free Gas Certificates - $25, $50, $100 gas cards for pennies on the dollar
    • Companion Air Fares - Choose from up to 110 U.S. domestic cities, choose from all major and discount carriers (over 19 airline partners!). Customer pays for first ticket, second is complimentary.
    • Event and Concert Tickets - Two million tickets for more than 30,000 events—including sold out and hard to find tickets.
    • Golf - Ski - Spa Packages - Golf at one of 4,000 golf courses in North America (under $10), a spa treatment at over 2,000 spas in North America (under $12), or choose from hundreds of fabulous ski resorts (under $20).
  • Dealer Loader Programs
  • Premiums