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Close Comm Proximity Marketing

Close Communications, our partner, has brought to market a product that greatly enhances customer engagement. Close Communications supplies completely unique software that converts complimentary wifi into a digital marketing tool. Their world first technology drives an APP on to the user’s mobile phone before access to the internet is granted. This APP then directly communicates with customers, engaging them in all types of two way interaction in 2 vertical markets:

  1. Stadiums and Arenas
  2. Retail (restaurants, stores).

Proximity Marekting with Close CommIt creates a mobile digital billboard on the customer’s phones, tablets and laptops, for which ad agencies pay billions of dollars to advertise on. Close Communications, who operate in a $40 billion market place, gives companies and venues the ability to promote content and apps to any smart phone that is in the proximity of their location using patented access boxes. Sales videos, messages and custom apps can be pushed directly to potential customers’ phones using wifi, bluetooth and near field communication (NFC). This team is passionate about what they do and the product solves the industry problem of how big brands get their prized apps downloaded onto mobile devices.

The patented product, Close Comms’ revolutionary software, ensures that the Mobile Application is loaded on to the user’s mobile device, before access to the internet is granted. This will drive millions of App downloads which is the focal point for the Digital Marketing divisions of most of the major brands operating in these sectors.