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Boost Safety Awareness and Performance with Promotional Products

Boost Safety Awareness and Performance with Promotional Products

Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Objective: To increase industrial safety awareness and to improve overall safety performance.

Strategy & Execution: With the creation of the “Road 2 Zero” campaign, Ciba Specialty Chemical challenged its plant managers to reach one million man-hours worked with zero hours lost time due to on-the-job injury. The “Road 2 Zero” brand was posted throughout the plant on kiosks and billboards and with special banners and flags. At a kick-off fish-fry, each employee received a “Road 2 Zero” baseball cap with a tire tread bill. A safety task force comprised of the different department managers held a series of safety seminars with each task force member wearing a bright read, “Road 2 Zero” t-shirt. Employees attending the seminars were rewarded with a variety of promotional items…items that increased in value depending on the type of seminar and the number of seminars attended. Carabiner flashlights, soft-sided lunch coolers and multi-function tools led to high attendance numbers. In addition, Safety Task Force leaders were awarded premium items such as laser engraved fleece jackets based on the attendance of employees from their product line.  When the plant announced, on the one-year anniversary of the program and the achievement of the “zero” goal, every employee received a 13-quart Rubbermaid Cooler…presented at a celebratory steak dinner!

Results: Not only did the plant achieve its primary “zero lost hours” goal, Ciba has enjoyed residual decreased injuries due to heightened safety awareness. On-site accidents have dropped 59 percent since the launch of the program.