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Be Consistent With Performance Reviews

Be Consistent With Performance Reviews

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The annual review is not going to go away, but the real performance review should be taking place in real-time every day. Good or bad performance needs to be recognized immediately and consistently. The manager's role should be like that of a flight instructor. The employee's role is like that of a student. The instructor and student fly side-by-side.

Clearly Define Expectations

First, there needs to be a flight plan with clearly defined expectations. To establish the plan, the manager should ask the employee to complete a list of expectations of the job from the employee's perspective. This should include what he believes the responsibilities are and what authority he possesses. The manager should do the same from the manager's perspective. Then, a discussion needs to take place to reconcile the two lists until both are in agreement. The manager also needs to learn what the employee believes he needs from the manager to successfully do his job.

Measure Behavior, Values, and Skills

In addition to establishing expectations, assessments should be completed to measure behavior, values and skills required for the job. The corresponding assessments should then be completed by the employee as a comparison. This establishes a benchmark that helps the employee to understand his strengths and helps the manager understand how to capitalize on his strengths. It also identifies areas which need strengthening.

It's important to remember that the employee has to be a good behavioral fit for the job. No amount of coaching can remake someone into something he is not.

Source: Jim Whitt is a speaker, consultant and author. He is cofounder of Purpose Unlimited which is in the business of transforming lives, leaders and organizations through the power of purpose.

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